All Write!


Open wall or board
Sticky dots (optional)



No ideas are left unspoken as all members are the group are involved and free to record any idea.  Ideas can be collected, sorted and prioritised.  Can be used to allow delegates to set their own agenda and priorities to allow a comprehensive investigation of a topic.



Prepare a question for the group – the question should be thought provoking and encourage reflection from the participants.
Reveal the question and check the group’s understanding of it.
For All Write! the facilitator will hand out pens and cards to the group to write their own ideas down.
Instruct the group to to write one idea per card, clearly and concisely.
Emphasise to the group that all ideas are accepted.
The participants can pin their ideas to the board or wall.
Duplication and overlap of ideas can be expected – ideas can be grouped into themes later.
With the group, ideas can be grouped into themes – headings for the themes shout be clarified with the group.
It may also be appropriate to invite the group to priorities the themes or ideas – this can be done with sticky dot voting.




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