Shout Out!


Open wall or board
Scribe (optional)
Sticky dots (optional)



Quickly record ideas in a non-conversational manner.  Ideas can be collected, sorted and prioritised.  Can be used to allow delegates to set their own agenda and priorities to allow a comprehensive investigation of a topic.



Prepare a question for the group – the question should not be too complex or controversial with the group – the aim is not to invite discussion or debate at this point.
Reveal the question and check the group’s understanding of it.
For Shout Out! the facilitator will act as scribe, writing ideas on cards and pinning to wall or board.  It would be easier with an additional scribe but not essential.
Instruct the group to call out one idea at a time, minimise any discuss about the ideas.
Duplication and overlap of ideas can be expected – ideas can be grouped into themes later.
When sufficient ideas have been generated call a halt to this stage of the process.
With the group, ideas can be grouped into themes – headings for the themes shout be clarified with the group>
It may also be appropriate to invite the group to priorities the themes or ideas – this can be done with sticky dot voting.




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